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Here at Nike,

you move and we profit.


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In the Nike family, we believe in promoting health, wellness, and a life well-lived for the people who buy our clothes. (The people who make our clothes can figure it out themselves!)

You may have heard people on your campus talking about how the workers who make the Nike Longhorn apparel you love so much didn't get paid*. We're here to tell you, don't worry about that! Have some green tea, and spend more money on Nike stuff instead. 

Learn more about how we treat our workers!

Thank you! We'll get back to you much faster than we pay our workers.

Upcoming events

Rob your own garment worker

Run away from responsibility with us


Doesn't she seem peaceful?

(Unlike the women who make our clothes)

With Nike's Umove program,

you don't have to  pay for your gear - and neither do we!

*Don't worry, UT administration doesn't seem to care how UT clothes are made - wage theft, abusing pregnant women, forcing migrant workers to flee the country - they're cool with all of it.

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