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Take Action on Nike's Board of Directors

Three years since their factory closed, the former Violet Apparel workers are still fighting for the payments that they are legally owed and were denied to them. The workers made Nike’s products and Nike is the biggest buyer of the factory group that owned the facility, yet Nike refuses to engage. Next week, Nike will have its Annual General Meeting, and on this occasion, we’re calling on Nike’s Board of Directors to finally resolve this case and do justice to the workers. Among the Directors, we have identified Thasunda Brown Duckett as the person most likely to support us. Thasunda Duckett is an active spokesperson for gender and racial equality, including pay equality. We therefore want to ask her to be the workers’ ally and tell Nike and CEO John Donahoe to pay the workers what they are owed.


How? Comment on This LinkedIn Post before 12 September.

Ask Thasunda Duckett to use her voice to be an ally for these workers. Write from the heart but please be respectful, we want her to be an ally in persuading Nike, which has been the one ignoring the workers for over three years.

Follow these steps to take part in the action:

  1. Explain why you care about the case and think Nike should take action now.

  2. Mention CEO @John Donahoe in the post to ensure that he hears the message too.

  3. End with @Nike #PayYourWorkers #JustPayIt

Need inspiration? Here are some possible messages you could adapt or share:

Dear Thasunda Duckett, I know you care about the rights of women of colour, therefore I am reaching out to you on behalf of over 1,000 primarily women workers in Cambodia who used to make Nike products and who were left without the pay they are legally owed. Nike has refused to engage with this case, hiding behind arguments that were already proven false by several human rights organisations. We know Nike and its CEO @John Donahoe will listen to you, while they did not listen to the workers, and we know you care. We hope you can help do right by these Cambodian workers. @Nike #PayYourWorkers #JustPayIt

Dear Thasunda Duckett, I am reaching out to you to ask you to speak up for the former Violet Apparel workers who suddenly lost their jobs in 2020 without the payments they are owed. Nike refuses to interact with their union and has left them fighting for their livelihood for three years. Can you speak up for them within Nike and to @John Donahoe and ensure that the company finally lives up to its feminist and diverse marketing that thus far directly clashes with the practices in its supply chain? @Nike #PayYourWorkers #JustPayIt

Dear Thasunda Duckett, I hope that, because of your position in the Nike Board of Directors and your outspokenness on issues related to discrimination, female empowerment and racial and gender wealth gaps, you could support the workers of the Violet Apparel factory win their case. Nike has created an image for itself as a company that cares about equality, gender and racial issues, but is denying justice to women workers from Cambodia who made its product for years. Could you raise your voice on their behalf to convince Nike and @John Donahoe to do justice by these workers ensure they are paid what they are owed? @Nike #PayYourWorkers #JustPayIt

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